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Economics Internal Assessments [Grade 7, High-scoring]

IA1 Microeconomics: Sin taxes on demerit goods

IA1 Microeconomics: Minimum price floor for cigarettes imposed in New York City

IA1 Microeconomics: 10 percent increase in taxation of cigarettes in Singapore and an increase in minimum age for smoking

IA1 Microeconomics: European milk market changes impact US farmers

IA1 Microeconomics: Australian minimum price floor on alcohol

IA1 Microeconomics: Britain's sugar tax

IA1 Microeconomics: Chinese environmental tax policy in January 2018, correcting the market failure of manufactured goods causing pollution

IA1 Microeconomics: Carbon tax of $5 per tonne of greenhouse gas emissions to be levied in Singapore

IA1 Microeconomics: Underconsumption of medicine in India causes National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority to cut prices of 33 essential medicines

IA2 Macroeconomics: Bank of Japan's expansionary fiscal policy

IA2 Macroeconomics: China's expansionary fiscal policy of US$163.2 billion into infrastructure to stave off economic slowdown due to the trade war

IA2 Macroeconomics: Increased interest rate and austerity measures to control rising cost-push inflation in Argentina in 2018

IA2 Macroeconomics: China to unleash $108 Billion in Reserve Cut for Some Banks

IA2 Macroeconomics: Bank of Japan (BOJ) implemented expansionary monetary policies with the objective of encouraging firms to increase inflation to the country’s target of 2%

IA2 Macroeconomics: China will cut banks’ reserve requirement ratios (RRRs), taxes and fees

IA2 Macroeconomics: Argentina's contractionary monetary policy and cut in subsidies to reduce cost-push inflation

IA2 Macroeconomics: US expansionary fiscal policy and reduce taxes

IA3 International Trade: Free Trade Agreement between US and Japan aims to gradually eliminate the tariff between them thus lowering beef and pork export costs from US into Japan

IA3 International Trade: US Tariffs increase the price of imported steel

IA3 International Trade: Egypt’s imposition of 15% anti-dumping tariffs on imported steel billets

IA3 International Trade: Trump's tariffs on Chinese goods

IA3 International Trade: United States’ imposition of tariffs on imported steel and aluminium on Canada, Mexico and the European Union (EU)

IA3 International Trade: Cambodian rice exports to China surge following EU tariffs

IA3 International Trade: Trump's tariffs on aluminium and steel causes prices of imported cars to rise